Pallotti-Kindergarten Stuttgart-Birkach

Pallotti-Daycare Nursery Stuttgart-Birkach

The Pallotti-Kindergarden was opened 1965  in Stuttgart-Birkach with two groups of children. It was equipped with two large rooms, a kitchen, a big playground in a near-natural environment and further rooms. Since 1983 it holds only one group of children. Today two kindergarten teachers and additional staff care for 20 children.

This nursery school in Stuttgart Birkach is sponsored by the roman catholic congregation St. Antonius at Stuttgart-Hohenheim.
The eponym Vinzenz Pallotti (1795 - 1850) called together for a renewal of faith priests and brothers in a community now with more than 2000 members all over the world. He was proclaimed a Saint by Pope John XXIII in 1963.
The eponym of Pallotti-Kindergarden
Families with different origins, religions, cultural traditions and social environments live in the surroundings of the kindergarden (Stuttgart-Birkach, Stuttgart-Schoenberg). This is an enrichment for the kindergarten community.


The kindergarten wants to stimulate the development of the children to a self dependent personality with social competences. We gain the measures for education from the ethical values of our society, shaped in its origins by Jesus Christ. Our offerings are following the needs of the children with their natural changes (composition of the kindergarten community, age or origin of the children etc.). Palotti-Kindergarden Stuttgart-Birkach aims at good collaboration with parents, schools, pedagogical institutions in Stuttgart-Birkach and nurseries, kindergardens, medical doctors, public authorities and the broad public especially in the local surroundings.

Extended Opening Hours

The kindergarten is open from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Daily Lunch

Since October 2002 we offer a daily lunch for the children. We use high quality fresh food.

German Language Education

Since 1999 Pallotti-Kindergarten offers professional regularly German language education. The children like to visit the regular individual "lessons" and narrate proud about the progress they made.

Admission of new Children

Normally there is a chance to admit a child to our kindergarten. If possible, we also care for disabled children.

Welcome to Pallotti-Kindergarten!

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Pallotti-Kindergarten Stuttgart-Birkach
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